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Family-Owned Business

I have always loved Friesian horses for their majestic good looks and fantastic movement, but it wasn't until I owned my first mares that I understood that their incredible personalities and gentle natures are so unique. Having a young family that would grow up with my horses, it became even more important to me. 

My aim is to breed top quality Friesians that would be classed as outstanding anywhere in the world.

My Friesians are all KFPS registered and foals will be sired by approved Friesian stallions only and be fully listed in the foal book . Currently, there are no approved stallions in the UK so breeding is via frozen insemination in the UK or Fresh AI in the Netherlands. 

Last year my Kroon AAA Mare Wendela Z became the UK Friesian Champion of 2021 and her foal Quantum PJ became the Champion Foal as well as being graded as 1st Premie.

We were also very excited to also welcome 1st Premie Mirjam fan Fraithwen to the stud. She won Champion Youngstock 2021 as well as Reserve Overall Champion. She has a very exciting future ahead. 






Chippenham Stud is full of rich history, from the Roman age to today. We are situated about 4 miles North West of Newmarket on the edge of Chippenham village.  The manor, Chippenham Park was  given to the Knights Hospitallers in 1184 who founded a preceptory to house sick and injured Knights.

But even before then, it was a populated area.  

According to local legend, Boudicca, Queen of the Iceni tribe, camped out on the woods at the top the Studland, with her troops on her way to attack the Romans in Colchester and London in 60CE.

 We have started metal detecting on the stud and to date have found over 25 Roman coins in a couple of locations, as well as medieval and Georgian finds.

 After the Second World War Chippenham Lodge Stud was established in the grounds of Chippenham Lodge, which in 1984 had 100 acres, housing 15 mares, and one stallion. Between 1821 and 1841 a substantial house called the Cottage was built 500 m. east of the southern end of the village off the Kennett Road. Between 1841 and 1875 J. S. Tharp occupied the Cottage, but it was almost continuously rented by tenants except c. 1929-33 when Lt.-Col. G. P. Tharp resided there. Joseph Sidney Tharp died in 1875. -1937. In 1931 it was renamed Chippenham Lodge, and after the Second World War it was the home of the owner of Chippenham Lodge stud, but in 1982 the house was separated from the stud. 

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